Night Watcher #10 / RBG / God

Is God behind the flames that grow? The timing of the death of RBG is highly suspect!

The last words of the Old Testament is still a threat from God to a disobedient people full of hate, violence, and ungodliness. No one can say that man manipulated the unfortunate death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg for such a time as this. After so many bouts with cancer that she won, with only 40 something days left to go before the election, if someone wanted to add gasoline to an already burning fire, this is it! Who saw this coming? Were all the previous victories simply waiting for such a time as this?

Jonah was caught in a perfect storm as he tried to run from the will of God! The storm kept raging more! Soon he was woke from his sleep! Eventually he was revealed as the reason for the storm and God was the creator of it! There is so much talk of being WOKE now. But this storm just keeps forming new fronts! It comes at us from every side! How many videos have been made of Democrats screaming into their phones, not in sympathy for her death, but in fear and rage of what it might mean for the Supreme Court?

Here is how the Old Testament ends before there were several hundreds years of silence, and then Jesus is born >

“Look, I am sending you the prophet Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the Lord arrives. His preaching will turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers. Otherwise I will come and strike the land with a curse.” (Malachi 4: 5-6)

I wonder how this scripture relates to ABORTION? Turning the hearts of the fathers to the children? And what about the mothers? Hhmmm. Never pondered it this way before. What do you think? Israel was sacrificing their children too. God gave them many warnings before his final judgement fell.

This has been a constant theme here in the “Night Watcher” series. The possibility that it is the modern church system that is failing, has caused this perfect storm, and our culture is rejecting her, ready to throw her in a raging sea to become fish food, and maybe that’s God’s will too.

The prophet Elijah. I (GOD) am sending you the prophet Elijah, the scripture said. Elijah prayed for a CURSE in the earth upon all! He prayed for no rain! That means he was praying for drought, famine, poverty, starving, sickness, and death! And God answered his prayer until the church of that day got right! God was not going to reward a disobedient child any longer. Would you?

You can’t plant the seeds of a different harvest once winter has set in. Many Christians are gathering in Washington DC this Saturday to pray, fast, repent, and seek a fresh revival from God in this country. This may be our last chance to avoid great judgement. They are seeking A RETURN. In my opinion, that return needs to go all the way back to the church being much more like it originally was in the book of Acts. To that point we see a Remnant movement of Micro churches slowly developing in America. Could this be our answer? A RETURN to the original simple ways Jesus established as church?

I left the traditional church some 3 years ago. It was not an easy decision after having spent my whole life of 62 years, at that time, in traditional church, but I simply couldn’t stand the hype and complexity of it all anymore. I now enjoy the simplicity of Christ every day and we call what we do: “Church Everywhere”.

Where did Jesus have church? Everywhere he went. When did Jesus have church? A lot! Whenever opportunity presented, and even when it didn’t! So as this storm rages and America burns, we will have a lot of opportunity to have church, but perhaps not in the way we have become accustomed, and the ANOINTING will once again be required.

RBG has passed away and left a very strategic position open on this political battlefield. The Republicans are in a position to possibly capture another critical hill. The Democrats are threatening more violence if they do. Violence seems to be their thing. They are afraid they might lose the legal right to commit violence against their unborn babies. There is panic in the ranks as they grasp for straws. Again, as asked in our previous article, who are these desperate people?

However, even as the Earthlovers battle over dirt, we Skypeople have our own questions we need to answer before God. Is this storm because of us? Have we become as the church of Laodicea and God is ready to spew us out of his mouth, as the fish did Jonah? What a dangerous time we are living in. What an emotional time. What an interesting time. And what a time of opportunity for those who live by their wings, and not the flesh.

I highly urge every true Christian to be in fasting and prayer this Friday and Saturday as our people gather in DC. God is not playing games. We are in very serious times, as this storm continues raging and we have no idea what might come next? As the passing of RBG has just proven.

“The night watchmen found me as they made their rounds. They beat and bruised me and stripped off my veil, those watchmen on the walls.” S. of S. 5:7

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