Night Watcher #9 / America

How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? (Psalms 137)

Will I know my country 4 years from now? Or will I be asking, what is this strange land in which I dwell? In some ways I already feel this way. How is it a significant portion of our country wants to become Socialist? How is it we would exchange our American birthright for a pot of beans like Esau did? Socialism is a pot of beans! It’s not the dream false teachers claim! Who are these desperate people? How have we been dumbed down?

And now begins 50 days of mental siege of the White House. Have we not already had mental siege from the left ever since President Trump defeated such a poor candidate as Hillary? Was that so difficult to believe? They blame everyone but themselves for their poor choices. It’s our fault they chose Hillary? And now we have Biden? And they blame everyone but themselves for their own poor choices. Did we force them? Did we choose?

However, it is not simply democracy being rejected, it is also the traditional church and her Bible. Socialism is very anti-Christ, and the democracy of this country was built on biblical principals, a fact they hate. (They hate a lot!) For the Progressives to get their dream, the Bible must become a book of hate and no longer tolerated. How is it so many professing Christians have bought into this Socialist agenda? Do they not see where all this leads?

Will I know my country in 4 years? Will I feel like singing the Lord’s songs in this place? Or will I be too heart broken over what has been lost? Will it even be allowed? Even our modern church has become strange to me. Who is this materialistic and self-centered Jesus they preach? Who are these Christians who are so busy seeking their personal prosperity that they have let the spiritual condition of this country go to rot? Would we have this spiritual rot today if the Beatitudes were the main sermon from our modern churches? What have our priorities become? How have we become so earthly minded? We have not chosen a life in Spirit, but we have chosen dirt! Like Esau, we choose beans.

We have not been Skypeople focusing on Spirit, but we have lived as unsaved Gentiles, seeking earthly things, this underworld. Now we have a post-Christian nation becoming more anti-Bible every day. If we do not read, study, teach, or live our Bible, then we might as well lose it, right? We might as well clip our wings and become grounded for life!

It is not hard seeing a candidate like Biden defeated by Trump. It is not hard to predict that the party threatening violence unless they get their way, going down in flames. We Americans do not take well to threats. Who came up with their strategy? Who would want to defund law and order? Again, who are these desperate people? How have we been dumbed down? The handwriting is already on the wall for anyone to read.

But where are these desperate people taking us? The stage is being set for a lot of hate, violence, and pain! Why are we going here? How is it any political party could have violence as their strategy to win? For fifty days the flames of violence, desperation, and hate will be stoked. They will present themselves as the underdogs who are violated by the big bully. They will push the buttons of Conservatives hoping someone will cross the line of peace to commit crime! They will stoke the flames of an explosion, growing larger and larger for fifty days! But they will not take responsibility for their own poor choices. Not the poor choice of their candidate, nor their hateful strategy. It’s our fault they make dumb choices? That’s dumb in itself! Point proven! Do they not understand it is easier to live smart rather than foolish? Life gets better with spiritual wisdom.

So when President Trump wins again, has he stolen the election? Why do these people never take responsibility? Yes…they hate the Bible because it points out their bad choices and they hate that. So rather than wise up, lets get rid of the Bible so we can continue living foolish! Let us embrace our anger! They are the ones so full of hate, but they try to claim the high ground. They claim to be the warriors of morality while they stoke the flames of hate and continue murdering babies in the womb.

The Bible they hate teaches us that our “habitat” (the life we live), is derived or built or grown out of our daily “habits” (choices of action). Our habits create our habitat. We sleep in the bed we make. We reap what we sow. We eat what we grow. Any of that sound familiar? But these people refuse to acknowledge this physical and spiritual law, this wisdom from above, explained in the book they hate. This law of life will continue working whether they get rid of the Bible or not. I guess they don’t understand that?

I believe our modern church has failed to create mission fields in the neighborhoods of these people. We are guilty of being so focused on our own pleasures that we have not loved our neighbor as ourself. We are guilty of helping to cause this situation. And how will that change? Will prosperity preaching change us, or more living of the Beatitudes?

There is a church rising who will be true Skypeople desiring to live by their wings rather than man-made ways. This earth will lose hold on them as they seek first the wisdom and Spirit of God. Now is the time to decide which you shall be! You will be told your Bible is a book of hate! But God says it is WISDOM! Which do you believe?

It’s not about what you say, but what you do! Five virgins were left behind that day to experience all the horrors of what was to follow! Mary was approved by the Lord that day while Martha was corrected! Esau was rejected by God while Jacob was blessed! Now is the time to rise above all the mess that is to come and show a different way! But it must start now!

It’s very hard to build a shelter after the storm is already upon you! And I’m not talking about a physical safe house, but a supernatural “favor” of God. You will walk upon the water others are drowning in. You will show the world a different way, but only if you mastered a life in Spirit, and not flesh. If we separate ourselves to things above, a true Skypeople living by wing and not flesh, refusing to be a dirtdweller anymore, then we will know God’s power and favor.

Jesus says this Spirit life is real, and powerful, but how many dare to believe him? He says God’s Word is a powerful spirit sword, but how many believe him? He says we can live above it all…as Skypeople…seeking that which is above…instead of a life striving in the dirt of a people who reject WISDOM. Now is your time to choose. Now is your time to prove. Once the window of opportunity passes, at that point the die is set, there will be no rising above it all. The seeds of your garden must be sown while there is still summer, not winter! There is a winged life for those who understand and develop those godly habits. Selah. Don’t throw your Bible away, but master it! Learn from it! Flap less and soar more!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. Acknowledge him in all thy ways, and he shall direct your path.

Consider the birds of the sky, for they neither sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of much more value than they?

Dare we be true Skypeople, living by love, faith, and peace? Lovers of pure wisdom?

Now is the time. A word to the wise. God’s Word to the wise!

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