“Called to the Discomfort Zone”

20200612_121328 And so it begins. It’s now 2 p.m. and I’m finally settled in.

I arrived at farm about 11 a.m.. I started my fasting at 7 p.m. last night. When I arrived here, first there was push mowing to do. I can’t have my 88 year old dad doing it, so it falls to me. I was anxious to get it done so I could focus on what I came here to do, enter the discomfort zone where God lives. It’s not a discomfort to Him, but it is for us, because we have our flesh in the way. The flesh must decrease in order for Spirit to increase. Fasting just happens to be one of those ways.

Fasting is like the easiest thing to do. Simply don’t eat! (LOL). However, I never enjoy fasting. I love eating. And it does affect your energy level and how you feel. So yes, in one way it is easy as falling off a horse. In other ways, not so easy. I allow myself as much water as I want and coffee in moderation while fasting. But the mysteries and Presence of God always draws me back to these places, the Spirit rich, flesh humbling, discomfort zone.

I will speak more of this “Discomfort Zone” over these next 3 days and nights. I just wanted to get the Blogs started, let you know I’m here, and still setting up. I just got my laptop set up with my phone as a hot spot. It’s all set on the tailgate of my 1990 truck. Yes, I am a little proud of that. Please forgive me.

I intend to send out short messages I will call “Teepee Blips”. These will be updates and miscellaneous thoughts. Longer blogs may have their own titles, we still have much to share on Gideon. I hope to see constellation Orion tonight.

I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day. Humidity levels have dropped, we have sunshine and cool breeze. I plan to have a campfire tonight just so I can stare deeply into it as I “wait upon the Lord.”

Here we go!

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