“Super Power Series” #2

An I-Beam from the fallen Towers of NYC. The sun can shine its guts out, but if the hearts of man are full of darkness then the whole world is dark. The sun is not the light of this world!

The weight of the world is upon our shoulders. Do you feel it church? You should! Blessed are they that mourn? Are you feeling the pain of our present age? Or are you cozy, protected, untouched in your personal comfort zone? How do you change the hate filled hearts and minds of our present age? That is the task assigned to us and we are failing! Is it the world’s fault? Or ours?

George Floyd. Need I say more? Covid 19. Corona. Need I say more? Nursing homes. Need I say more? The Twin Towers of NYC. Need I say more? And who has the power to change all this? Only a powerful church. That’s right. Because… the sun above is not the light of this world. That sun can shine its guts out but if the hearts and minds of people are dark, the whole world is full of darkness, and how great is that darkness! God says in the days of Noah the whole earth was filled with violence!

I know this is crazy, but at this time, on this Pentecost weekend, God has me doing a series on POWER? Hhmm. This ought to be good. God’s got to prove it to me on this one.

Real LOVE cannot be mass produced on any assembly line or forced into society by any man-made laws. Build as many jails as you like, it won’t change hearts. God has assigned his church that responsibility to be a light upon a hill and the standard for all to follow, but we are failing miserably. Where is the POWER? The early church turned the world upside down, but not us. The world has turned us upside down! And so much so that were depending on a man like Trump to save us. Sad indeed. Pathetic.

We know where the POWER is, don’t we? But it will cost us. It will cost us “personally”. Who’s willing to pay the price? Evidently not enough of us. At least not yet. How bad will it need to get before we get back to the POWER?

We talked about POWERS in the first episode, and how God gave you some…in your creation… in the primordial supernatural soup he stirred you in. But you think it is silly to consider your gift to teach, or write, or sing, or invent, or lead, or run faster than anyone, or lift more weight… you think it is silly to think of these as super powers that can save some one, or some few, or a multitude? What are your God given POWERS? The reason they can’t save the world is because your using them in your own power, not God’s!

Yes, there is a price. The oil of his anointing. The Day of Pentecost. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Child of God…if you claim his Name…then this is your POWER…but are we the foolish, or the wise? Have we lost all knowledge of the old ways? The magic, the mystery, the paradox, the supernatural!

In the first episode I spoke of my top three super powers. Teacher of God’s word, writer, and working with my hands to remodel homes. I just spent all morning putting new shingles on our roof the old fashioned way, with nail and hammer. No air gun. Just my hammer and a bucket of nails.  That super power blesses my wife, and perhaps a few others, but it won’t save the world. However, words on paper, or blog, this thing I’m doing now…it has POWER to INSPIRE! To change hearts and minds! To bring LIGHT! Ignite a FIRE! The message of Christ is the only LIGHT in this world, because it is the message of pure LOVE, and no HATE! It is the message of the changed heart empowered by God!

The sun can shine all day but the world is a dark place because of the hearts and minds of people. And the modern church fails. People are leaving her to find the simplicity of what does not fail. Some would rather walk on water than have a fat bank account. The love of money, the greed, the distractions, the stress, the self-centered mindset, nothing but cement shoes pulling you down, like Peter when he took his eyes off the Lord.

We got to get back to the POWER. For the church, and for God’s people, the POWER is connected to the supernatural. The magic, mystery, paradox, and Spirit of God. The modern church is too lukewarm to know of these things. In our House Fellowship this week, we had another Lord’s Supper, Communion, and prayer to be counted faithful for whatever God may pour out of his Spirit today, and every day! And we did not miss Passover! Which set us up for the Pentecost, but what does our modern church know of these things?

You know, the right song sung by an anointed minstrel of God can change the world. That’s a super power. The right teacher… the right servant…the right mechanic… the right police officer… the right politician… the right plumber (such as Smith Wigglesworth), can potentially change the world when God’s POWER flows through them. The modern church has incredible talent, but who’s writing and singing the songs that’s changing the world? Where is the POWER? It’s not the modern church. What good is your talent without the power of God?

So how do you shine the light of Christ? How does he shine through you? Is it with POWER? Are you willing to pay a price? Are we paying the price, making the sacrifices all Priest are called to make? Or is it just a game with you? Not to be taken that seriously? C’mon now, nobody really lives like that now days, do they? Hhmmm. And that’s why we are where we are today, the whole earth filling with violence and becoming the Days of Noah.

No one fast anymore. No one really prays. No one memorizes chapters of their Bible. No one gives their money away and risk poverty. No one loves to the point of real sacrifice anymore. UNLESS… someone begins to get a vision… and God breathes on us…and breath begins to enliven the dry bones of a dead army! Can the sails of such a mighty ship be filled with heaven’s Wind again? Can these bones live again?

I’ve seen a lot of heroes during these COVID days. But where are the godly?  There are a few, but too few. The light of the church is more than showing the light of the “good”, but it is also about the LIGHT of the GODLY. We need to set our bar higher. The world and the worldly are making us look bad. What we see in the earth today, it’s our fault! As the scriptures say: If… “MY”… people…. It’s our fault. I don’t expect unbelievers, or even those who play at being saved, to understand what I’m saying in this article. But an awakening has happened, and there are those who do. Perhaps I write for them.

A final note> It’s time for me to begin reaching out more with our Home Fellowship. We have more room in the house now. Yes, it is still a work in progress, but perhaps there are some who would like to be a part of that. We are located on west side of Indianapolis, Indiana. If you would like to “meet”, simply leave a comment and we will set up a place and time. We’ll enjoy a cup of coffee, some conversation, and go from there. Simplicity is one of our values in this Fellowship. It don’t get much simpler than coffee and conversation. I’ll buy.

We have much more to write on this “Super Powers Series”. More coming soon.

Let us come together and share our super powers, that we might turn the world upside down, before it explodes from within. Perhaps God will grant a little more time.

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