“Willow Tree Wisdom” #2

Welcome to the willow tree today, as we consider our Father’s House.

Do we forget how fragile is this house of clay, as so many die in a single day? But our spirit… is not fragile at all.

Thus Jesus taught the lesson of a house built upon the rock, compared to lives of sinking sand. God is calling all prodigals back to the Father’s House. There is power in the House!

The prodigal wanted his stuff NOW. I am amazed how many Christians want their stuff NOW. They want God to give them a mansion NOW. Gold in the bank NOW. Impervious to sickness NOW. The best parking space NOW. Food in my house NOW, never mind anyone else. My best life NOW. Me, mine, my. Is this what Jesus taught and lived?

What is your definition of “best life”? Does it bare any resemblance to what Jesus taught, or lives of the early church fathers, or the early church? Or does it resemble the prodigal, a life desiring material things and pleasure, delivered by our Father, NOW? As I have sat under the willow tree watching, I see a lot of the latter. Does the modern Christian scoff at the ways of the early church? Do we even know much about them? No? I wonder why?

But here we are. One virus has invaded the world and we ALL suffer. We have become one big Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, but it’s not a good day. We’re not even through our present challenge yet, but we must consider, what does this future global community look like? What is the financial effect of all this? What will be the new poverty level? By how much will its’ ranks swell as so many of us live paycheck to paycheck, and our world shuts down?

Do you have a house you desperately need to sell, and now it’s like a cement block tied round your feet pulling you down? Has your cruise or vacation gone up in flames, or your retirement been delayed? Right now we feel the pain of those dying alone, but what comes next? Have we considered? I’m sure we have. Will the economy come roaring back as the words of our President has suggested? What will the survivors face as Mother Nature seems to have declared war on the elderly, the weak, the vulnerable? Will everything go back to business as usual? Perhaps even shift into hyper-drive?

This is my fear as I sit under the willow. People will rush back to their stuff and ignore the lessons that this earthly life is short and fragile, build on spirit! The definition of a prodigal is someone who leaves home, usually for bad reasons, and less than good terms. It says the prodigal wasted his money in wild living. In the Avengers movie; “End Game”, I believe Tony Stark gives a quote, “Money never bought a second of time.” We all know this, but what will we do when the gates open?

A lot of people are dying ALONE with this thing. It is an evil of itself. But I wonder how many lay there, making the journey back to the Father’s House before it’s too late? And if they could tell their family, what would they say? Such a sad way to return, but perhaps the wisest act of their whole life coming right at the end. Yes, today’s willow tree is indeed a weeping willow, and they say the worse still lies ahead. Are we bracing for it?

How shall we rise up out of this global mess like a Phoenix? That is the question. President Trump wants America to be a leader of it, and he just might find a way, he does have his moments. And if so, many will see it as GOOD! But will it be godly? And how many even have the wisdom to know the difference anymore, as we scoff at our early church fathers.

The prodigals will love it! It will be hard to resist! And they will enjoy their years of loving money and loving stuff, until the pig pen comes! And it comes quickly, not so much in material terms, but a pig pen of the soul!

I believe I have seen a thing, COVID 19 setting its’ stage. Doors fling open and those filled with lust of every kind rushing through those gates, eager to have and consume! A flood issuing forth, a flood of prosperity, but rather than dare call it evil, the modern church will embrace! She will not raise a righteous standard against the flood. Self-seeking will be her way even as she preaches giving and sacrifice. Even as she asks the question of “what would Jesus do?” But she does not do what he DID. The love of money is evil, thus saith the Lord, but many will not resist, nor admit to their love. A time of great seduction. The prodigals will ask for their money, their wealth, their material goods and earthly pleasures as they leave the Father’s House, rejoicing all the way, not believing the pig pen that is their destiny, until they are there. Perhaps even Revelation. But in the quiet of this time, as we sit in our homes, as Passover and Easter “just happens” to be before us? It is time to turn off the video games and come back to our Father’s House, and do not leave! When the seduction begins and the gates open wide.

I see the strangest things sometimes, sitting under this tree. Who knows if true? But beware, do not be deceived, our Father’s House is simple, as in simplicity, as in child-like. Many are running the rat race of prosperity while they neglect their soul and the flesh grows fat, even unto a spiritual heart attack. Repetitive man-made programs that are lifeless, are offset by services full of hype and shish-boom-bah. Not the still voice of our Father. Lots of bells and whistles and stage shows; but very little depth. Very little stopping to think and consider, but always the rush! Do not think about what Jesus DID, while asking what he would do!

What did Jesus do? What did he really do? Was he impressed with large buildings, earthly goods, and man-made programs? Or did he set before us the simple ways of a child and tell us no one enters the Kingdom of God without becoming the child? God is a paradox to us. We enter that paradox of God by faith.

Spiritual warfare is before us. The best spiritual warfare is from within the powerful walls of our Father’s House. I teach spiritual warfare by way of living in the Father’s House and loving the House Rules. They are wisdom. They cut through the cares of this life in a different way than a cheap sword from China. The Word of God is powerful, and sharper than any man-made sword. And God is always calling the prodigals back, but sometimes His whisper is stronger than others. Perhaps this is such a time.

Be still and know that He is God. We will speak more of the power of living in the Father’s House.



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