Fellowship of the White Path 1/14/19

20181007_191325 Jesus walked the red path of his own blood, so we could walk the white path of his own righteousness. (Fellowship of the White Path).

I enjoy watching documentaries on the subject of “happiness”. I enjoy seeing those who are unbelievers come to the same conclusions my Bible already teaches, and most the time these people do not even realize it, or they simply don’t want to admit it. But as you know, I have a bigger problem with our Modern American Church, which I call MAC.

I have said for years that the modern church has set Jesus up to be blasphemed by the unbelievers, because most churches today preach a materialistic Jesus and everyone knows he was the extreme opposite of that! Therefore, the TV evangelist, or the preacher living in a mansion, or constantly asking for money, and also teaching we are still under a law of giving 10% or we’re robbing God, creates a very materialistic image of Christ, causing a lot of people who truly are interested in “SPIRIT” to be attracted to other eastern religions who practice “simplicity”/ “moderation”.

More and more we are learning simplicity, not materialism, is part of happiness. Jesus taught and practiced this, but you wouldn’t know it if you followed the average Christian for a week, or the average pastor, as they are just as caught up in the American rat-race as anyone else! They are just as in bondage to “stuff” as anyone else! And then comes along some spiritual guru teaching and living closer to what Jesus taught, and people respect that person, and are drawn to them.

This documentary showed people living close to nature, in a simplicity but not poverty. They helped each other and were almost as family, which is what the church is supposed to be. This was not a fly by night outfit, but has been around many years. They have several of these communities around the world. They have proven it can be done. They even believe in Jesus! His picture is right there with the other spiritual gurus! They even teach Jesus taught the same thing they do! And to a point, he did! And that’s how people are fooled. They look at a very materialistic church and they say well, I know Jesus didn’t teach that. I’ve tried that “church thing”, and it wasn’t like family. So they end up believing there are many ways to God, and their spirit is drawn to the simplicity and love of community. Frankly, so is mine!

However, good as these people are, Jesus still taught their was only one way for your sins to be actually “forgiven”. Now this is a problem. I call these people the “Golden Rule People”, and I actually love them. I’m attracted to them. I’m like them in many many ways! I even built my teepee! I love the Black Hills, Crazy Horse, and nature! But to be a part of the “BRIDE of Christ”, there is only one way! Jesus made that VERY plain.

So…thank you MAC church for misrepresenting our Lord so lavishly. The Bible is very plain as to what it says concerning those who cause the name of Christ to be blasphemed by unbelievers. Your showing the world a Jesus who is always operating on the wrong foot. He gets off on the wrong foot at the start of every year by how we have twisted the Christian Passover New Year, and he stays on that wrong foot all year long! This is not what Jesus DID! So when a guru comes along living and teaching more like Jesus DID, then he seems to have great wisdom, and a key to happiness, and so he does, because Jesus did it too.

My wife and I raised five kids in a simple home of 1400 sq. ft. (And one bathroom.) Our whole life I’ve heard people say they don’t know how we could have been a family of 7 in an area that small and only one bathroom. But I lived it! And I know it wasn’t that bad! It’s people’s mindsets! It’s their love of luxury! They don’t know how because they don’t want to know how! And it’s not as bad as they say it is! I probably would not have even thought twice about it had their not been so many good people feeling sorry for us. It made me think there must be something wrong with me, but if Jesus is our example, maybe there is something right with me!

Present day, my wife and I are about to become empty nesters. We have this whole 1400 sq. ft. to ourself! And guess what? I’m about to turn the house into 1000 sq. ft. for her and I, and turn the other 400 sq. ft. into a studio apartment so we can help people and make a little on the side, as I’m on a fixed income now. You may have seen the pictures of the Murphy Bed I built in our living room. This was 2-3 articles back. The bed came out awesome! (And my wife is slowly adjusting as she more and more sees the vision of living simple and focusing on things that really matter.)

The people in the documentary had a love for “God”, and a love for people. They put a priority on spirit more than flesh. But without the blood of Christ their sins are not forgiven, and no one is perfect! So I call these people the “Golden Rule People”. Jesus said if you love God with all your heart and love people as yourself, you will fulfill all of the law. So these people have a part of the spiritual puzzle right. What is God going to do with them? It is plain they will not be part of the Bride and will not live in New City Jerusalem, not with unforgiven sin. But you may recall I have speculated as to who these people are who populate the new earth? Well…I don’t know. I just know better than to put God in a box. I know God loves these people and wants to see them forgiven of all sin, washed white as snow, so they can wear the wedding dress for our Lord.

I don’t want to take any chance on standing before God on judgement day without the blood of Christ. The Bible says hell is a real place, and that Bible has been right on a whole lot of stuff. It’s not a book I want to go up against in any way. In other words, if the Bible were running in a horse race, if I want to be a winner, I’d put my money on the horse called Bible, the Word of God. I certainly would not bet against it.

I will end with this quote and teaching of Jesus: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6)

The Bible teaches this one point from cover to cover. There is no remission of sin without the blood. The life is in the blood. It says it a million different ways and in a thousand different analogies. This is what Jesus taught and lived. He even asked the Father for a different way. As far as I can think off the top of my head, this is the only prayer request Jesus ever made that the Father did not answer in the way Jesus requested. In other words, there was no other way. The flawless lamb taking the place of all of us very flawed people. Broad is the way leading to hell, and many there be who take it. Narrow is the way, a single gate, one door, leading to salvation. This is the Bride of the Lamb. It’s what Jesus said. It’s what the Bible says. Those of us who teach God’s Word are simply messengers.

As a messenger I don’t get to say I’m right and you’re wrong. I already confessed to being wrong when I decided that Book was right. When I decided Jesus was the real thing, I had to confess I was very wrong, and I’m still very flawed, and I NEED that perfect one to take my place, pay my sin debt, so I can live the rest of my life, and eternity, in a LOVE DEBT, rather than sin debt.

The old me had a sin debt he could never pay, not through all of eternity. Now I owe Christ a LOVE debt I can never fully repay. Not through all of eternity. But what a blessed life it is living in the LOVE debt. People all over the world, living by the Golden Rule, prove the wisdom of God. Happiness is found in spirit, not flesh.

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