Fellowship of the White Path 1/12/19!

20190112_090409 This is the winter view from my recliner as I enjoy a peaceful morning watching snow fall in Indianapolis Indiana. Our first real snowfall this year, and our Colts play a big game in Kansas this evening. So much good stuff to enjoy.

This is Grandpa White Feather here just to do a shout out and remind people that Jesus is about a “Table”, not a “Stone Temple”; and a “body”, not a building. The history of all my research concerning these things is deep within the archives of this site, but now we do Journal Writings. It’s been a month since my last one, so here we go: (Oh! And welcome to the New Year!)

Journal 1/12/19 > I find myself thinking about the “ability”, “skill”, “talent”, “gift”, “willingness”, “attitude”, “mind set”, to ADAPT.

“Adapt-ability”. Some people excel at it, but many do not. And as far as Christians go… they “should be” among those who excel, but are they? Has the “modern Christian” lost this ability? And does God plan to test it? Hhmmm.

I have found adaptability also includes a person’s skill at thinking “outside the box”. We get stuck in “normal”, the accepted, and then something comes along that upsets our apple cart and we feel as if everybody is looking! Now we got to somehow get our life back into the “accepted” as quickly as possible! But maybe God is wanting us to break the mold, escape the box, birth something new, different, and creative into the earth? And this is our opportunity, not our bad luck or disadvantage.

Adaptability…the ability to cope with change, or respond well to change. Life can change very suddenly. The ability to adapt is a survivor skill. If you don’t want to be a survivor, if you just want to roll over and die, then discard adaptability. You don’t need it. But if you want to be a survivor and thriver. If you want to be “happy”. I’m just saying.

And why should Christians excel in this? Because we walk in “spirit”, not flesh, right? Like water, spirit is very adaptable because we are not hung up on physical things, right? We use physical things, but they don’t use us. We possess physical things, but they don’t possess us. Material possessions are our slaves, not vice-versa. Right? Be not entangled.

A lot of people panic and lose who they are in the change. We see the change as a crises, and maybe it is, or maybe it’s not, but we panic instead of staying in faith. The change we hate the most are those we see as threatening who we want to be. Anything threatening our dreams, vision, desires, can send us into fear, stress, panic, depression, and some even suicide. We’re too entangled into something we think we cannot live without, and we do not even know where this new path might be taking us? Perhaps we only need to wake up from our dream and be able to see the new possibilities.

We don’t have to lose who we are, if we’re truly adaptable, because that is part of who we are, a visionary, able to see outside the box of what everyone says is the normal, the accepted. God is supernatural, not something called normal. He is creative. If the old box isn’t working anymore? Create a new box!

Many people today are discovering materialism does not lead to happiness. Some discover this in time to adapt, make changes, and live a whole new way that does lead to happiness. Others are so in dept by the time they realize, so entangled, they see no way out. They fail to think outside the box. They only know they are not happy, and instead of finding a new path, they lead lives of quiet desperation pretending to be happy, so they fool others, or maybe they even give up the pretense, but they are lost. They have lost themself and don’t know what else to do. Their stuck. Living in a gold bird cage and no longer free to fly. They want to soar, but materialism has caged them in fool’s gold.

Our world today is in love with the idea of magic and sorcery. People know there is something mystical, it is real, and it works, if they can only figure it out and tap into it. Moses faced the magicians of Pharaoh, and Noah faced fallen angels and giants. Jesus said it would be as in the days of Noah. You see…you don’t have to be a Christian to tap into “faith”, or the “supernatural”.

The Bible says the measure of faith has been given to EVERY person. Faith is the substance God created the universe from. In other words, it is the material our universe, all things physical is made from. What if ungodly people get better at using faith than the godly people are? Faith is free for all. It is how we tap into salvation if we so choose. It is the material of all creation. Any person powerful in faith can affect that material, cause changes, both good and bad.

Faith is increased in a few ways. One is by studying ancient texts, both good and bad. The Christian loves their Bible, but the world hates it. Another is surrender to the “will of God”, and this is our biggest advantage if we are faithful to it. But another is the sheer unity of numbers. Even as the ungodly were building a tower of Babel, and God had to divide them, or nothing would be impossible to them, because they were of one language and in unity.

The Church is very divided as to the will of God. You study Jesus judging those seven churches in Revelation and you might understand why I have left our modern American church. So I am a division myself. But the world? They seek to be a “one world” again, a global community. And as good as that sounds? It also offers a unity the world has not known since the days of Noah.

For the Christian, our lack of surrender to what Jesus actually DID causes our faith to be focused in many wrong directions. Pharaoh resisted Moses by forcing the Children of Israel to keep making bricks, but he took away their straw, forcing them to scatter, and work harder, longer, seeking for the straw, so they could still make just as many bricks for Pharaoh, or be in fear of what might happen. Do we see anything like that today? Does a bear live in the woods? But there was a TABLE coming, a Passover Meal, and we would be wise to get our eyes back on what really matters, such as family, and a table, His Table. He prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies. He prepares a table.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

So ends the journal thoughts of Grandpa White Feather this day, as the snow gently falls and everything is covered in white. My big black dog loves running in the white snow. I’m rooting for the Colts today, but we shall see. Win or lose, the really important stuff still goes on. Nothing changes for me, because I walk in what is not seen, rather than the seen. The invisible is eternal. It does not cease, therefore, neither do I, and neither do I lose who I am in Christ. Amen. This is supernatural.


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