“A Bird Called, Flapless”

2616 So it’s Sunday morning and perhaps like me, Church is different for you. You’re not in a Sunday morning service like a lot of other people are at this very moment. My Fellowship is coming together at Noon and we are headed to the country and the Teepee today. Around 5:30 p.m. we plan to have a meal at China Buffet and then a small Bible study at home.

So as I enjoy my coffee this morning and listen to the Voice in the Wind, I feel led to launch my “Children’s Story for Adults”. I have been promising to launch this for a while and today seems right. So says Grandpa White Feather, the Story TellerThis epic tale is for adults in two ways.

ONE > If you are a good reader and enjoy reading bed time stories to your children, then this is a great opportunity for an adult to read out loud to any child. I like hooking my laptop to a “Big Screen” and reading from there, because this book is full of great pictures. Children really love the pictures. And I highly recommend doing a different sounding voice for the “Turtle” and the “Eagle”. The children will love it!

TWO > This story also has great spiritual value for any “very busy” adult. It is enjoyable to read while at the same time teaching great spiritual lessons. You can’t help but fall in love with these characters, even the turtle who sees his day’s end from his day’s beginning. All he sees all day long is the point he is trying to get to.

Chapters 10 and 11 get into deeper teaching and there is a warning there to alert the reader they may want to skip to chapter 12. Or simply skim the pictures in those two chapters. There are great pictures.

So if you’re having a lazy day today and searching for something to do, please check out this free Internet book: “A Bird Called, Flapless”. It’s all there for the enjoying. I’ll be saying more about it from time to time, but for now, I think I’ve said enough. Here’s the link >

flapless.wordpress.com Flapless

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