The Tides of Time

20180521_121426 This is where I was a few days ago, and 35 years ago. I was 27 then, and 62 now. What a leap. Whiplash! A place called Tybee Island. I was a trained warrior 35 years ago, just out of Boot Camp at Fort Jackson, and then stationed at Fort Gordon for schooling. I am also a trained warrior now, always have been, my chosen lifestyle, but more spiritual than physical.

The spiritual has always been more important to me, but as I slowly waded in the waves that day, the passage of so much time, I was reminded of why the spiritual is so. “TIME”…the soul does not age…only the flesh…don’t lose your soul to sand…build upon that which is ageless…this is spiritual wisdom.

I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of more time. As the sand moved away under the heels of my feet, every wave sweeping away, but not so much under my toes for some reason. My heels sank quickly with every wave. He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel. Hhmmm, interesting. Mortality.

My brain strained to feel the 35 years. Here I was walking and I felt fine. 27 or 62? Which am I? If I began running on the beach my brain would quickly realize, but just walking? It didn’t seem real. It didn’t seem like 35 years could possibly have passed. 35 years of living, just a vapor, as scripture says. It’s hard to grasp vapor. It’s hard to feel it, and yet the reality was I’m no longer 27, and though I love her greatly, my wife is no longer the sexy beauty queen she was that day, either. I could still see her all those years ago, even her hairstyle and bathing suit. She was there, though I made this trip alone.

20180516_164105 White Feather Mobile.

My wife, Grandma Turtle Faith, (Grandma? Wow.), was “flown” down to Georgia to babysit grandkids while their parents took a cruise. I drove down a week later. Now I was driving home in my beat-up 97 Honda Civic. A car Turtle Faith Lady refuses to ride in. She would be returning home same way she came, (flown), but she didn’t get to enjoy Tybee Island. So Chief White Feather walked the sands of time alone this day.

Ladies…White Feather speaks here…a Grandpa speaks here…make sure that guy loves you for who you are. It won’t take long, and soon, though you still have much beauty, more beautiful women will be all around, the younger and perhaps more physically blessed. But if he really loves “YOU”. If he is the “RIGHT” one. As time goes by he will love you, and the family you both grow, even more. But that won’t be true if you allow yourself to be swept away in nothing but lust. Great heartache will likely be your future. You deserve better. You owe it to yourself, your children, and God to have better.

So…this is simply a short message today. For you older folks, perhaps you have an experience of your own like this? (Or a car like mine?) A special place you have not been in many many years. A place where you were young, and decades later circumstances of life dropped you off to remember. A place where youth is your memory, and age is your reality. But I really enjoyed that whole experience, even as I relive it now in the writing. If anyone would like to share such an event of their own, I would love to hear. Others would like to hear also, even those still young.

If you’re still too young for this amazing experience, I hope you live long enough to know one day. Put it on your “Bucket List”. It’s too good to miss. Let God bless you with this. And think about “TIME”. Think about it now. You’re not too young.



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