Walking the White Path

cropped-cropped-20171021_162320.jpg The Seven Deadly Sins? 

It’s not easy walking a white path in an extremely muddy world. A world growing muddier all the time, with a new generation growing up filled with all the violence and horror of video games and etc. What is this fascination we now have with Zombies? The “Walking Dead”? Could there be any truer picture of our coming times and the spiritual condition of man? Infinity Wars have begun!


Jesus washed the feet of the disciples at the last supper. Peter tried to deny allowing the Lord to wash his feet. Feeling unworthy I suppose. And then he wanted to be washed all over, not just his feet, but Jesus said it was just the feet needing washed. (John 13:6-10) Is it possible to walk a white path in this muddy world of carnal pleasures?

In another place Jesus said in the “last days” it would be as the days of Noah. (Matt. 24:37) And we find in the book of Genesis a description of those days which reads as:

“The Lord observed the extent of human wickedness on the earth, and he saw that everything they thought or imagined was constantly and totally evil?” (Genesis 6:5) Are we there yet?

I don’t know about you, but the Apostle Paul told Timothy that “in the last days perilous times would come”, and I’m not so sure Paul was referring so much to physical peril as spiritual! The Seven Deadly Sins are not called “deadly” for no reason!

If Satan’s demons have sunk their poisonous fangs into us, then we have a real battle on our hands. And I’m not preaching this from an ivory tower. I’ve had my own demons to fight, and it’s part of the reason I chose the name “Fellowship of the White Path”, because that is what God is calling us to, and I want to be there! Praise God I found his Word to be true and there is a white path to be walked.

Jesus says: “Walk with me.”

God says: “Learn my ways.”

Holy Spirit says: “I will teach and empower you!”

I watched a documentary on Elvis Presley last night, and if ever there was a man blessed of God with so much talent, and yet constantly presented with so much pleasures of the flesh, like so many of the superstars; but Elvis knew too much to ignore the spiritual battle within him. As the documentary ended, and I saw his condition in his very last concert right here in Indianapolis, and then he was buried with his mom, dad, and brother, as if alone, without family, without wife and children. I felt a tremendous sadness, and the very real peril of the deadly sins. These pleasures had so destroyed the life of such a gifted man at such an early age.

Elvis continues to be admired by millions of fans today, but if he could speak to us now, I wonder what he would say, and what he would sing? He has the title “King of Rock and Roll”, but once again, the king has no clothes. This is the world we live in. In this world God’s love and truth comes shining through, but will we choose it? And how do we live in a world whose imagination is more and more constantly evil, and not end up in mud from head to toe, not just on our feet?

For each of us we must find that white path. Am I talking going to a holiness church? Hhmmm, I’ve had many experiences with churches, as you know, and my experience in that denomination  at least 25 years ago, did not go well either. But what I have found is the holiness God speaks of is a result of LOVE. Not “love”, but real “LOVE”. Not a building full of rules and judging.

When we truly LOVE God and LOVE people, then the power of the Holy Spirit in us causes us to not want to be a stumbling block to any person, or hurt them in any way. In this, through this kind of LOVE, we fulfill all God’s laws, even though law is not the motivation driving us, but a life of LOVING God drives us.

I want to speak more of the Seven Deadly Sins in the next article. We could even call them the Seven Forbidden Pleasures. They each have their own attraction of pleasure to us, and they are very addicting to our flesh, this body of death. Once bitten, the battle is on!

However, in this article I want to emphasis the “LOVE debt” we have entered into. Jesus delivered us out of a “SIN debt” and into a “LOVE debt”. LOVE held him to that cross for US. He walked the Red Path so that by the power of his Holy Spirit we could walk the White. He paid the price for our sins, and when we accept that, we are transferred from a “SIN debt” into a “LOVE debt”. We now owe more LOVE than we can ever repay, but praise God, it is a real JOY in the trying.

“Owe nothing to anyone — except for your obligation to love one another. If you love your neighbor, you will fulfill the requirements of God’s law.” (Rom. 13:8)

I highly recommend reading all six verses from verse 8 to 14. “Six Living Verses” of God’s Word to combat the “Seven Deadly Sins”.



As a quick update, our garden is going very well. Progress being made on a daily basis. Ground is being broken up. Dead trees and limbs cut with a chainsaw. More pictures coming soon, but let us not forget the spiritual garden within, and a Table God waits for us to attend. In Jesus name,be blessed. Slow down, and hear God. Turtle Gardens Forever.


2 thoughts on “Walking the White Path”

  1. I love your article. I am like you I am wondering how Elvis would sing today knowing what he knows right now? We will never know because he is gone and will never be back to have that famous saying said at the end of every concert he ever had “Elvis has left the building”. When Elvis exited the building the last time he was a man of the flesh. I really hope people can learn from him and know the flesh will not give you eternal life with our savior. Is a matter of fact it most likely will have the opposite effect. Live for the Lord. Even though you will die in this life our real reward will be living with the Lord in heaven. Everything will be perfect. No imperfections in heaven at all. The Lord gives us very easy instructions to get to him. But the question remains “Will we HEED and OBEY the instructions??


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