Love Upward and Outward #1

668571080“Love Upward first, and Outward also.”

Turtle Gardens are coming! Slow down, and hear God.

We may run with this title of “Love Upward and Outward” for some time. This has become the motto of our Fellowship: “Fellowship of the White Path”.

Well the “outreach gardens” have begun and I thought I would try to keep the pictures going too, so you can see the progress as it happens. Instead of building big temples, Jesus invited “Temples to His Table”.

Know ye not that ye have become the temples of God? God is not looking for temples made by man nor hand. He’s looking for you. He’s looking for us. He’s looking for his family.

Yes, Jesus changed things. I hope your church isn’t confused about the changes he made, but it’s all good! So the heart and soul of these gardens is to be a “Table” in which to fellowship upward and outward. Always keep your love for God first, because he is the power working in us to also love others in a godly way. Consider these your thoughts for the day to ponder, we’re keeping it short, and now here’s some pictures.

This is the garden area for my mom. It’s a green stretch of ground 20 feet wide and 30 feet long. We painted the building yesterday in winds rushing 25 mph. That was actually no fun, but we gott’er done.


There is an apple tree at the one end. Our Lord willing, this plain Jane site is going to become a beautiful garden. This is before we painted. It got a fresh coat of white yesterday. The blue arch is something my mom salvaged off the Tipi. (LOL).

Now as to our own place, I started taring up jack! Much work to do, starting with much clean-up. I’m taking the old deck out, we have gutters to clean, leaves to burn, and amazingly enough, we actually discovered a few plants survived the winter in a little corner flower garden we had. So the area already has life!


20180411_144856 We also found water damage to the house we did not even know was happening. So we are a long ways from setting our garden table yet. And we have a Turtle Box about to happen also. In memory of a one year old girl who was shot in a drive-by and died. Turns out I know the grandma of the little girl. This box needs to be special, and it will speak words hard for the human vocabulary to express. Pictures of the box coming soon.


That’s it for now. Grandpa White Feather saying, Love upward first and outward also. Slow down. (Speed kills!) And hear God!


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