Blood on the Door – P2

IMG_20180330_193825761_HDR  For 3 days those blood red rags hung on my door. I’m sure people in the neighborhood saw them as they drove by. I wonder how many didn’t have the slightest idea what that was about, or what they had to do with an egg laying bunny?

I was glad to take those rags down as I thought about my risen Savior. Much had been accomplished in those 3 days. Besides the meal, and the Matzah bread, I brought in a white board and did a little teaching with our small group. Questions and conversation were encouraged.


I also used my laptop to put some pictures on the big screen tv as we taught. It was a great time of relaxed teaching. My oldest grandson knew very little of any of this story. He was able to ask “Grandpa” questions, and “Grandma” was able to comment also, even his Great Grandma was there to add comments. (How cool is that!)


Sunday morning as I sat in the quiet of my room picturing in my mind what I would be doing if I were still doing the normal church thing, I made a comparison, and considered the pros and cons of each. It is for sure the presence of the Lord can show up in any gathering of his people. But after due consideration, as for me and my house, I look forward to doing the Passover meal again. And maybe next year, having a little more time to prepare, teach, and invite; maybe next year there will be a few more people in the group to share and fellowship. That would be nice.


I would like to take this moment to say, “I’ve finally seen enough.” If you follow this site you are aware I’ve been in intense study and prayer concerning the early church fathers and how we got to where we are today. It has been a fascinating study in which I was very challenged at times to unravel where the evidence led next, and what did it mean?

I’m finally satisfied. I’ve ferreted out much evidence in which a very plain trail has been revealed. After due examination of that trail, I have been able to make some very well-informed decisions bringing a great deal of peace, joy, freedom, and satisfaction to my soul. This Christian Passover Meal was only one result of the direction my walk with God is now going.


 “Fellowship of the White Path” will continue. It has been excellent, and it has been “fellowship”, and like family. God confirmed to me it must continue when he showed me the next step, and it is a big one. We actually have a plan for outreach in our area! It’s not the usual sort of thing and I’m curious how it will go?

One goal of my Teepee Retreat is to create a garden area. The Teepee must be situated in an atmosphere promoting the Presence of God, and for maximizing a persons focus on hearing God. But suddenly I saw myself creating what I’m calling “Turtle Gardens” in various places!

The first will be here at our city house. I intend to invite a few others to have a “box” in the garden in which they can grow something they would like, and enjoy the garden. But it doesn’t stop there. I have a few people I’m meeting with this coming Sunday. We’re having a small meeting in a mall food court, of all places. (LOL). I’m going to ask them if they want to have help starting something in their back yard? No matter how simple it is! Maybe even just some tomatoes! But it will be a chance to fellowship and open a door for ministry. A door leading to “discipleship”.

My wife and I are calling these gardens “Turtle Gardens”, because we want to encourage people to “SLOW DOWN”, and “HEAR GOD”. Of which I also have a book soon to come out with that very same message. Wow. God is good. (Do turtles have ears?)

My next article will share much of this new walk I’m on with the Lord, and certain scriptures that were very critical in the conclusions I have come to. The title of that article will be: “I’ve Seen Enough.”

I hope you had an excellent Easter with your loved ones, and I pray for the spiritual growth in God’s church in all the many forms it may take. Let us take serious the things of God. We need a fresh breeze from heaven to blow away the gathering storm clouds. We need a true church and a true example of Jesus in our day. Hhmmm, now I feel led to add one more thing.

People of all kinds are hungering for a new simplicity. The Jews had taken God’s 10 Commands and created a very complicated religion involving a massive amount of laws and formality. When Jesus came He confronted their complex religion. He fought them on a daily basis. Now does it stand to reason He would turn around and create another complex system of religion? Especially after everything He “said” and “did” for our example to learn from? Scriptures say to let us not forget the simplicity of Christ. I look forward to writing more soon. Turtle Gardens are coming! Slow down, and hear God!


2 thoughts on “Blood on the Door – P2”

  1. Very well put. I am very excited to be a part of our small fellowship group. It’s simply amazing to me how we look at the history of the church. Jesus told his 12 followers how he wanted things to be in his church. The Apostles did just that. But after Apostles are dead a new generation of Humans comes in and starts to change things and it basically leads up to where we are in current modern times. Humans always they think they know what’s best. But without the Lord we would be nothing. I am very excited to be doing Church the way it was intended to be done at the TABLE and not the TEMPLE.


    1. Thanks Jason, your presence at our Christian Passover meant a lot. And your comments very encouraging. I never dreamed these little fellowships we been doing would lead to where it has, but I’m more excited every day when I see new and surprising possibilities. I’ll tell you all about the Turtle Garden idea when next we meet. I’m planning a box for you here at the house if you want it. We’ll keep the plants watered, so that’s not a worry. This Sunday we launch the book “Flapless”! Very exciting times!


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