Blood on the Door


Once again it’s early Sunday morning, only today it’s also Easter, and many churches will be celebrating the resurrection of Christ today.

I sip black coffee while thinking white thoughts.

What ever happened to Passover and the Passover meal the early churches fought hard to preserve? Why does our Pastor never speak of these things? These early church father things. As I drive around today, will I see red on the doorposts of christian homes? Or will I see yards full of Christians searching for eggs laid by bunnies? What is this insanity that is typical of the modern church?

There were five of us gathered for a Christian Passover meal and Communion at my house this last Friday night. It was hard to pull together even that many people. A fellow blogger in England shared with me how she sat alone in her Christian Passover meal, just her and the Lord, the best company of all, but she knew of no one else to share with. What a sad reflection on today’s church.

As our little group began to fellowship around the table, I pulled out my Bible and read the scriptures where Paul speaks of a Passover meal with the Church of Corinth. I read from 1st Corinthians chapter 11 and then I asked, “At your church, where’s the meal?” Where is the real family fellowship? Where is the sharing of your personal food? Where is the taking care of your poor?

One of our group was Catholic, and he said, the Eucharist is the meal. I said, No, that is not a meal, and that was not the meal that day with Jesus and his disciples either. Our Protestant members also gave me a blank look as they knew they only had the same to offer, as I once again asked, “Where is the meal?”

So I sit here in the quiet of my room thinking back over the fellowship we enjoyed that night. I think about the stress of the average church goer on this day. I think about the Matzah bread we ate, the snap of that bread when I broke it, and the 7 days of unleavened bread I’m now in the process of, as I remind myself of getting sin out of my life, even as the Jews start their new year this way every year. These are incredible things to be reminded of at the beginning of a year.

I’m not at that Easter service today, but my mind goes back to a Passover meal and the excellent fellowship we had. I also think about my grandson, Gabriel, who knew little of these things, but learned a lot that night as we imagined the Death Angel flying over.

This is only my first article pertaining to “Blood on the Door”. I’m keeping it short today. I have many more thoughts yet to share, and a few more pictures. But remember it is his “death” we are baptized into, it is his cross. It is spiritually unwise to count your chickens before they hatch, even though our churches maybe encourages us to do that very thing. SELAH.



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