“Is there a God to be Feared?”

20171109_131414 I am afraid the time has finally come I must begin to make some decisions on where this Teepee is going. Half of me is excited about this, and the new things I have seen; and half of me is nervous about what a huge responsibility this is.

I have been in much study for weeks now. Currently I am between jobs and have been sick. This too has allowed me much study time. I start my new job in a pet store as soon as my background check clears. I just left my old job two days ago. We also have much snow, ice, and cold keeping everyone inside right now.

In many ways I feel like the “Rey” of Star Wars in that this sword has been calling to me and I must not say “NO”. This is why I have so enjoyed writing my Star War Series. The new episode came at just the right time for me. And the church I grew up in, could be imagined as the Luke hiding on the island and somewhat compromised in his own darkness. But I have left that bleak picture to embrace a bright vision full of hope and glory, much like Rey trying to learn this ancient way in her modern day. I’m finally at a point of beginning to make some decisions about the “Proper Table Setting” of God’s word and the Fellowship of His Table. Tumble Pigeon Farm is to be such a place.

I do believe Zahnd is right that Jesus shifted things from the Temple to the Table. Even as we see Jesus in Revelation challenging the Churches to be zealous and open the door for Him to come in and “sup” with them. But my question is, have we been zealous enough about a “Proper Table Setting”? Does the Table Setting affect the strength of God’s Presence? We should not only realize we have progressed from Temple to Table, but because of that very fact, be concerned about “Table Setting”.

I just listened to a one hour debate between Brian Zahnd and another Bible scholar concerning what really happened at the cross and is God the Father a vengeful God who sacrifices His own Son, ( a form of child sacrifice), in order to satisfy His own hate/wrath against sin? (Wow, what a question, and yet so much hinges on the answer to it. Just like who told Eve she could not “touch” the tree. Answers to such questions as these are more important than we sometimes realize.)

I love much of what Brian Zahnd says and teaches. I really enjoy his stuff. And even though I don’t think the picture forming in my head is completely the same as his, I do believe he has been a great help in me finding the “balance” I have been hungry for. I have always believed this “balance” was there for the discovery, if only we could search it out, because the American Church has become prideful in her own certainty, and lost her way.

So is there a God to be feared? Does darkness fear light? It should, because light cannot show up without darkness being expelled. But who is of the darkness? Anyone who does not believe in the Word of God, whom we Christians call Jesus. (Basically John 3:18-20). Jesus is the very nature of God expressed in word and deed. So if someone lives according to the Word of God, even though they have never received the “name of Jesus” per say, is that person evil? This is the question I am currently seeing new light on.

But let me say this! If someone truly loves darkness, and they have no respect for God’s will in their heart by the nature of conscience, then that person better fear God! If they are of the principalities of Satan himself, they better fear God! Yes there is a God to be feared! If someone can taste of Jesus and decide to spit him out, that person better fear God! For as darkness cannot stand when light shows up, neither will they be able to stand. Blasphemy of God’s love, His Holy Spirit, is a fearful thing to be guilty of. If we have done such things, we reveal ourself to be so wicked, that the very fires within ourself will consume us forever. Like Satan cannot control his own burning, neither will these people be able to control theirs. By its very nature, light is the end of darkness.

Is God a vengeful God because light is painful to darkness? Would polio consider a polio vaccine as evil or vengeful? I suppose it would, but the person being healed would embrace the vaccine as love and salvation! This world is sick with a spiritual polio and needs a healer. On judgement day, “polio” will be eradicated! We have no love for it. Could we even say we hate it? Yes, I believe that is correct. So if you not only have polio, but you love and embrace it; you are one with it…you love the ways of polio over the ways of God…let me tell you there is a God to be feared!

I’m not sure I’m explaining this very well yet, but this is only meant to be a beginning. I have much to share on these subjects, even some questions to pose that I do not pretend to be sure of the answers. But as we seek answers from God with a totally honest and humble heart, I believe we will see more than we have seen before.

Don’t hesitate to pose questions of your own at this site. I think most people are not looking to be divisive. We simply know we must be faithful to what we believe to be true. I respect that. I think we all respect that, and we all must live by that same code of faith. And at the same time, not be afraid if we might be wrong on something. Hiding in fear of being wrong should never be our answer, because this is simply a form of “PRIDE”, and God hates PRIDE. It is of the darkness, and when God shows up… Well, we know what happens when light enters a dark room. We already spoke of that.

So here we go people. What I have named as “Church of the White Path” at “Tumble Pigeon Farm” is beginning to draw some lines in the sand of what we are. Yes, we are about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the simplicity of Christ, and we have a great desire to know, “What hath God actually said?”

All sincere opinions are welcome.

We are about to enter into questions not often spoke of, and possibilities I have not heard presented. We enter these things in a desire to truly know our God.

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