Living in the “Less is More” / Star Wars Part IV

20170430_145845 Learning an ancient way in a modern day.

When does less = more? Have we become money slaves? Living the “less is more” in a world preaching “more is better”. Rey has struggled her whole life just to get by. She has been a survivor, living by her wits. But now she is seeing a different way of living, a powerful way, but it is at odds with the modern Empire.

The Apostles were so proud of those temple buildings they showed Jesus that day. “Look at these magnificent buildings, Lord! Aren’t you impressed! Look what man has done!”

How do you think they felt when Jesus was not at all impressed? As a matter-of-fact, he even told them in a few years not one stone would still be standing upon another. Are you tired of all your “man-made stuff” yet, in an age when technology is offering so much pleasure? More and more pleasure! How do we learn this ancient way in our modern day? And what is this ancient way?

God is love.

Every time you take less, so someone else can have more, this is what God reveals as love. Every time you put some one else ahead of yourself, this is what God reveals as love. People accuse God of not being love if he can send people to a place called hell, but these people are going to discover what love really is on that day of judgement, because they are going to be judged by love, and they are going to be shocked at how guilty they are of what they have been accusing God of being. They accuse him of being cold and heartless, but they are the ones cold and heartless. God lifts up the humble.

I can’t get into this now, but I believe the last chapters of Revelation reveals a people who are not part of the Bride, or New City Jerusalem, but they go into eternity upon the “New Earth”. And who are these people? And how have they been judged? I call them the “Golden Rule People”. They are a people who have lived by God’s Golden Rule in their hearts even though they never had a proper understanding of Christ or the Bible. I intend to get into this soon, but the point here is… the path to God’s heart… whether it be as part of the Bride of the Lamb, or these New Earth / Golden Rule People…is a path of living love as God knows it to be.

Every one I talk to seems so caught up in the “newest thing”. These new things cost a lot of money. Many times the problem is not so much the “new thing” itself, as it is the money slavery the person enters into in order to have the new thing, and keep it fed! It is impossible to serve God and be the slave of money! How can it be anymore plainly said?

So what are you telling me, Grandpa White Feather? Are you saying I can’t have nice things? To your question I ask, When does less = more? The answer: When in service to God. But are you in service to God? Are you willing to learn and live an ancient way in our modern day?

Do you not think the Mark of the Beast (666) will be very desirable? It will bring such ease, convenience, and luxury to our lives! It will contain apps ready to fulfill your greatest pleasures! Constant entertainment and fun! Do you think you will be able to say “NO” to the pleasures of the flesh then, and not now? Your very survival will depend on that mark.

I have seen the hand-writing on the wall. I’m simplifying my life every way I know how to enter into a greater walk with God. The Apostles chose to stay with the One who put down their fancy buildings that day. He rained on their parade, but he had the words of life! (And they knew it!)

Our first love should be to the One who gave us life, our Creator. What is this illogical sinner mindset that rejects their Creator and embraces their destroyer? Why are so many people self-destructive? It can only be the evil selfishness in our own heart that we would chose the self-gratifying pleasures of darkness over the love life of Light! And for that we will be judged. We can take that to the eternal bank! I have decided Amreicanized Christianity is not for me. I’m fleeing it like the harlot I believe it is!

Rey is in over her head and probably knows it. If “the force” is not real…if it does not come to her rescue…if she fails to reach a certain degree of mastery…all will be lost. Hans Solo told her it is all real! But he never chose it for himself. Which type of person are we? Do we feel personally challenged by this ancient way in our modern day? If so, what are you doing about it?20171202_173614

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