Teepee / Ministry Progress

20171230_125402Tumble Pigeon Farm Spiritual Retreat is currently a winter wonder land of below zero beauty. Located in Whitestown Indiana, this is what we have. But we still had Church last night in a warm home with friends and family, and we got into some really good discussion about Americanized Christianity.


I spent some time job shopping this week. My next move is to find a job closer to Whitestown and begin to spend more time living on the farm. But I need a space for my own and the Teepee is not ready for that yet. It’s too big a space to heat. It might not ever be my living space. It may be meant for spiritual “meetings”, in which people come together to pass the peace pipe (metaphorically) and seek more of God. Hopefully by this spring.

So until then, I have a tiny house inviting me inside out of the cold. It’s not much to look at, but with some work it will both heat and cool very nicely. It’s approximately 10×16, and maybe 5 foot 8 inches at its tallest point. I’m about 6 foot. So… I am excited at the next moves developing with Tumble Pigeon Farm, and also ministry opportunities. God’s word and God’s truth is getting out there, in many different shapes and forms. For all those who desire a greater walk with his Presence, God has rivers flowing for you to find.

I hope while you’re here, you will check out my first Star Wars article, there is much to say about our own battle to stand strong against the Empire, including the Laodicea Church! Just drop down one more article, and you are there.

2 thoughts on “Teepee / Ministry Progress”

  1. Tepee is going well! There is so much snow in America at the moment! It was snowing for only one day over here (England)! Have a great new year, and God bless! 🙂


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