Roy Moore Defeated

As the world turns in the kingdom of man, will the church follow the world in Eve’s march to manhood?

Why not? We seem to slowly follow the world in everything else. Services offering more entertainment than holiness. Churches slowly accepting women as pastors over men. Eve is on the march like never before, and the tide is with her. Except in the church, right? But who dares to preach about the role of woman in the church anymore? Watch out, preacher! You may be the next Roy Moore!

If the man did what they claim, then good for Eve! It seems all these were a long time ago. Did the man have a conversion drawing him closer to God? If he has been well-behaved ever since, does that prove a true change of heart? When is enough time, enough time, to prove we have changed? Does the new birth in Christ mean a fresh start and clean slate? Yes it does. But that would not be something recognized in politics, nor does it exempt us from earthly consequences we already set in motion.

The rise of woman in earthly affairs should be easily predictable, after all, if we are headed into the last days, if we are to have fertile ground for the rise of antichrist, did he not by-pass God’s chain of command and go straight to Eve? Be careful now. Don’t read into what I am saying. I’m not saying women are evil or stupid any more than man is evil and stupid. I’m ONLY saying, Satan loves to disrupt and pervert God’s chain of command. And any time he can succeed in that, he has atmospheric conditions “favorable” to his desires. (That’s all I’m saying.)

“IF” Roy Moore did the things he’s accused of, then he gave Satan, through women, a lot of opportunity and power. “IF” he did not, then these accusing women are giving Satan a lot of opportunity and power through them. But we see Eve as the primary player on the board at this time, and attempting to reach even to our presidency! They want Trump’s head on a silver platter! Will they succeed?

BUT NOT ALL WOMEN! I hear there are those who still believe in the godly chain of command, and even voted for Donald Trump. Unfortunately, our worldly media does not want to hear the voice of “those women”. We see your lips moving, BUT WE CAN’T HEAR YOU! “THEY” call “those women” stupid and put them down all the time! For some reason they are allowed to do so, but no one else can be such judges. They are the judges of which women are stupid, and which ones are enlightened, or smart. They are the judges of which women should be heard, and which should remain silent in the world!

Men need much wisdom when it comes to woman. Is that a bad thing for me to say? Adam needs much wisdom when it comes to Eve. Everyone knows that Billy Graham made sure he was NEVER alone with a woman other than his wife. Was Billy Graham afraid of women? Was he a woman hater? Was he a male chauvinist pig?! “No.” But he had wisdom, he knew who his enemy really was, Satan; and he knew his enemy! (The Art of War?)

I have heard our Vice President Pence, has the same Billy Graham policy. (I hope he does.) If so, then his “woman”, his good “wife”, can protect him against the allegations of evil women willing to do “anything” to get what they want.

God gives his church biblical wisdom concerning woman. This has nothing to do with the world, the kingdom of man. The world can do what the world wants to do, we’re talking about inside the body of Christ, the church, the Kingdom of God. How many pastor’s today still conduct their sanctuary service unto God in such a way pleasing to Him? How many pulpits still preach God’s word on the different roles based on gender? Do we remind people, God and Adam were having a party before Eve was invited? That “God and Adam” had a relationship before “God and Eve”?

Does that mean God loves Adam more than Eve? NOT AT ALL! If Adam keeps messing up, then Eve may have more in heaven than Adam! It wouldn’t surprise me a bit! Mary and Martha are still one of the best lessons to be learned for Adam and Eve! Who’s your first love? But God has a “Master Plan” from the very beginning, and only the Master totally understands what His plan is.

God and Satan are both much better at spiritual chess than we are. God’s already checkmated Satan on that multi-level spiritual chess board, but he has always been slow to believe. But watch out church! Don’t think Satan only has his eyes on the head of Donald Trump! We are the body of Christ! Let not head and body be separated! Five virgins were left behind that day! The door closed like a guilloteen, and head was separated from body! Heed the words of Christ to his churches in Revelation through the Apostle John. There may be a spiritual multi-level chessboard, but neither God, nor Satan, considers this a game!

I want to get back to the 3 faiths in Jerusalem today, but I just felt led to write this little reminder. My journey started because I did not fit the modern church, and even as I am sorting out these very issues for myself, and “what God hath said“, I cannot help but notice the rising power of Eve in our current culture, and how it is just “another” sign of the time. My wife and I have peace in what God has shown us in this matter, and whatever service may take place in the teepee I have built with my own hands, it has nothing to do with the kingdom of man, it’s all about the Presence of God, and pleasing Him. He stands at the door knocking. I want to invite him in, and I want Him to say: Well done, thou good and faithful servant. I want Him to feel at home. I want Him to be pleased. And so does every “Mary” in His service.



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