Jerusalem / City of 3 Faiths

Merry Christmas everyone, and welcome to another episode of “Path Without End”. I have been very honest from the very first article about how God has me on a journey. I was with family yesterday, and a brother-in-law, three years younger than I asked: “Don’t you get tired?” I had to answer, “Yes, I do.” It has not been easy at the age of 62, still working almost full time, and begin building a large teepee, AND some kind of a ministry God is revealing day by day. A spiritual retreat? A church? A writing ministry? All three? I’m still not sure.

It has not been easy, and I do get tired, but a fire still burns in my belly! This blog site is a living record, complete transparency, on what God is doing, and something I call: “Path of the White Feather”. Jesus walked the Red Path, so we could walk the White. It’s by his power, and not our own; a very supernatural walk, powered by fire! Holy Ghost fire.

I’ve been honest in sharing my dissatisfaction with modern church, how I did not fit, mostly got in trouble, and finally left feeling like something must be wrong with me. My wife and I went on a nine-day “God Seek”, mostly in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and I found a new vision, new name, new mission, new passion. And now here we are. More details of this journey have been written in earlier articles for anyone interested.

But as I have looked back over recent articles, and the direction God has had us on, I see a very powerful teaching opportunity here with “JERUSALEM”. Our teaching started with me having to decide if I were going to ignore certain scriptures contained in our New Testament Covenant, like other ministries I know. I soon realized this has been part of my problem with them, the “adding to” and “taking away” from the N.T.. I decided I must not do as they have done. This is why God is developing a “School in the Wilderness”. What hath God really said? And we can discuss these things in a reasonable way, and learn from each other in all humility and honesty, like responsible adults.

Secondly, our journey turned into a close inspection of what really happened when Christ became our High Priest. What really happened when “he who was not of the tribe of Levi“, (Jesus), took the place of the high priest who had always been of the tribe of Levi? We discover Christ birthed us into a powerful new Covenant, freed from the Law that always condemned us, and birthed us into a Relationship in which we all became “Priest of God”! With the Holy Spirit living in us! The Old Covenant fulfilled for all those IN CHRIST! WOW! (So what does all that have to do with Jerusalem, a city of 3 faiths?)

Current events in Israel, and specifically Jerusalem, is an excellent teaching moment for where these articles have been going all along. (Imagine that.) Three faiths collide in Jerusalem! Yes, there is spiritual civil war in that city. These three faiths have been trying to coexist as best as possible, but it has been a coexistence in which Jerusalem has not been recognized by the world as the capital city of Israel, and the Jews have not been able to rebuild their sacred temple on the holy Mount, even though the Muslims have their sacred “Dome of the Rock” upon that very Mount. This coexistence sounds rather one-sided, especially considering Israel’s right to that land.

All eyes of the world are once again upon the city in which the Son of God was nailed to a rugged cross outside its gates. (Have the eyes of the world ever really left that city? Just another coincidence?) Many try to say he was just a common man who was a great teacher, and yet we see the world continue revolving around the evnts of this city, for at least 3,000 years, all the way back to King David! Why can’t this place be ignored! Hhmmm. This city touches a nerve with one and all.

The Muslim faith, the Jewish faith, and the Christian faith, all three collide in Jerusalem, and all three trace their linage back to a man of faith called Abraham! WHaaat? What a wild and crazy coincidence! And all of this has a whole lot to do with the God who hung on that cross, whom we Christians accepted, and the other two faiths did not.


It seems the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians are all children of Abraham, but how we became so is such an important spiritual lesson to understand! Not only for the people in Jerusalem, but the people in the Church, wherever they may be! To understand it is an insult to God when we drag things from the Old Testament and try to force them into the New! Putting a burden on people God has set free! And when we leave out New Testament scripture, taking it upon ourself to judge it outdated, when God hath not said! This results in us setting an improper table for God, in his sanctuary, and creates a condition very simalar to the church of Laodicea, whom Christ said he would spue out of his mouth!

I may have went a little long on this one, but… we need to look at these three faiths, and fully understand what kind of “child of Abraham”, we who are Christians, are called to be. Path of the White Feather.

I find it interesting, in Psalms 122, David specificaly prayed for the peace of “Jerusalem”. Even 3,000 years ago, David pinpointed the need. He did not ask for prayer for Bethlehem, Nazereth, any other city of Israel, or even Israel as a whole! He pinpointed Jerusalem!

Over the next few episodes of “Path Without End”, we too, are going to pinpoint Jerusalem, and what it means for all of us who desire to be Godwalkers in Christ, fulfilling the Priesthood we have been called to. Let there be an awakening with the children of Abraham! (To be continued.)

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