“Where is this Teepee going?”


This is a Teepee that does not move, and yet it’s going somewhere.


In Matthew 25, at midnight, the ten virgins hear a shout declaring: “The bridegroom is coming!” This shout, this declaration awakens them.

Has the shout come yet? Is it just beginning? Are we nearing the midnight hour? Is Jerusalem the capitol of Israel? What time is it? Does anybody know?

Hhmmm… One thing I notice about these virgins is there very rapidly becomes a major division between them. > Give us some of your oil. (They even said, please.) NO! Go get your own. < Are we supposed to be divided? And while they are gone, they are left behind. Those who were ready, were taken.

Some would say I have a negative message as I declare the king has no clothes. I might be causing division. Is it a negative message when a lawyer points out a politician twisting, or adding to, or omitting from our Constitution? Is it negative when an Officer of the Law points out a criminal act? Or a doctor delivers a true message to their patient?

The politician can be corrected. The criminal can be arrested. The patient can be healed. Truth is never negative. It is healing, revealing, liberating, for those who have the wisdom to grow by it. Lies are negative.

Is there an awakening? Has a shout gone forth? Are questions being asked? Are people leaving the modern church in order to save their faith? That’s what I heard one preacher declare. Are they searching for schools in the wilderness, asking: “What hath God really said? Is it true women are not to be pastors, exercising authority over men? Is this really true? Does the New Covenant of love really say that?

Where is this Teepee going? Where is God taking it? It’s going there… into all the rough and tumble of an awakening! How do we set a proper table for God? At the end of Revelation chapter three, Jesus challenges the church of Laodicea with: “So be diligent and turn from your indifference.” (NLT version) (Verse 19).

>Be “diligent”. Turn from your “indifference”.< Is God looking for a proper table setting? He follows this statement with: “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.”

IF YOU HEAR MY VOICE? About what? BE DILIGENT? STOP BEING INDIFFERENT? Has the modern church become indifferent to a proper table setting unto God? So where do we go to find a diligent church? That’s a good question. But my gut says if God is tapping me on the shoulder to do such a thing at this time, then I’m sure I’m not the only one. And are we causing division? A church civil war like the Marvel movies of the Avengers? Ironman verses Captain America, who will now change himself to Nomad? Who’s with Ironman? Who’s with Nomad? Our heroes divided? Some of them at odds with the government?

Well…if telling the other five virgins to get their own oil, if that is a form of division and church civil war, then YES, that’s what we’re doing, because we’re fed up with naked kings and lukewarm Christianity! I’m tired of an unscriptual table, as if what God put in writing does not matter. What “man” has the authority or power to pass such judgement on God? Are not God and his Word, ONE?

There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? Are you aware of it?

The modern church in America has created a theology of kingship, not priesthood! We’re more concerned about the morning stock market than our morning prayers. We walk in the flesh, not the Spirit. We cannot neglect priestly ways and claim to walk in the Spirit. If the branch is not drawing on the Vine, it can do nothing. We feed our bodies every day. They say there is an obesity problem in America. I push wheelchairs in an airport. I’ve seen that problem first-hand. But our prayer life is starving! My house shall be known as a house of prayer? And as a priest of Christ, so you shall be.

Spend that time in prayer. Lay down your kingship as Christ also did, practice your priesthood. Drink of his Holy Spirit, and be part of the awakening.



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