Where are the Bruce Lees of Christianity? Part II

“And if a man also strive for masteries, yet he is not crowned, except he strive lawfully.” (II Timothy 2:5)

In other words, you don’t get your black belt, son, unless you prove the proper skills of a black belt. Pulling out a gun and blowing your opponent away will not get you a black belt, even if it’s a black belt martial artist you just blew away. You got to “learn the way of your Way”. And for the Christian, that means, how do I live by priestly skills, not carnal ways. Hhmmmm.

Do you really believe in the power of God’s Spirit? Do you really believe there is true power there? Do you believe it enough to construct your whole life around that belief, and learn those skills? Will you pursue those skills at least as hard as Bruce Lee pursued his fighting skills? Does our Master not deserve even more devotion?

ARE YOU REAL? Maybe you “are” living by the way of your Way? You’re just not being honest about what your “Way” really is. The church has let so many “worldly ways” sneak into the sanctuary that no one is sure what’s eternal and what’s temporary any more. Soon we will be confused as to male or female.

As I have said, it’s hard for a naked man to defend his position. Bruce Lee was true to the words he spoke. He was true even unto death. He practiced what he preached, and he sought to constantly improve those skills and to have a better understanding of a more perfect way of self-defense.

We have the Word of God. As we study, we should have seasons of growth where we come to a “better understanding” of what God hath said. When we do, are we faithful to grow, change our way, practice the new understanding until we have it down pat? Or do we simply continue in the old, in the lesser, in the mediocrity, in the luke-warmness, the no-fire? If so, we need an awakening.

I intend to die like Bruce Lee, living what I preach. Living by what I have learned, and constantly seeking even better understanding, a more perfect Way. This is one reason I’m building the Tipi. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to do something that was true to what God has showed me, cause I couldn’t seem to practice it in the modern church of our day. Even our government pleasing ways make me sick. Am I anti-America? Not at all. Earthly kingdoms will do what earthly kingdoms will do. But when I allow them to influence what I teach from the Word of God, just so I can maintain my precious tax-exemption, that’s being anti-Kingdom of God!

What did Jesus do? What would the Apostle Paul do? What would Bruce Lee do? What would an upcoming Jedi Knight do? Light or darkness? Are we willing to endure hardness to be a warrior? This is “the way of the Way”. 

Jesus did not hide “the way of the Way”. Neither did the Apostle Paul or any of the other Disciples. Neither did Bruce Lee or any other warrior try to hide the hardness of this Way. But there is also joy here. And there is power here. As we climb in mastery, there are also all the benefits contained in mastery.

Acts 1:8a> “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you:…”

Yes, there is power there, but it is the power of Priesthood. It is in more of the Holy Spirit. It is of that “Way”. So if you want to learn that “Way”, then you better learn to pray. Jesus said you can do “nothing” without me. It all starts on our knees drinking more of God’s Spirit as we pray and worship. The two go together. They are like the two wings of the eagle.

Never forget this is not our home. Spiritually speaking, we are the Children of Israel in the wilderness after coming out of Egypt. When God moves, when the cloud moves, you better learn to flow with Him, stay in the Shadow, His will and presence, His secret place. This is “Godwalker”. And you better learn to gather your “manna”, your spiritual sustenance everyday. These things were all for a picture to us to learn from and receive revelation of how Spirit life works. Have you seen this? Are you awakened?

I know what God had me do. He had me start right here, gathering my daily manna, in prayer. I was no longer allowed to take God for granted, or fail to appreciate His power in my life. I became very conscious of my “first-fruits” to God every day. How I broke my fast as one of his priest. Every night as we sleep, we enter a state of fasting. When we eat “break-fast”, we break the fast. I don’t manage to do this every single day, and I am not under some “law”, but at least 95% of the time I enter prayer and worship before coffee. In other words, I seek God’s Way in my life before I break the fast. I render first-fruits unto Him. Prayer before coffee has become one of my priestly mottoes.

There is great power in this understanding, because there is no good thing in us, and if there is to be good things come of us, then it is only when “God in us” produces those things supernaturally. So if we become faithful in drinking of the POWER OF GOD, which is His HOLY SPIRIT, then all these other things begin to supernaturally grow within us. This is God’s WAY. Not based on our own abilities, but based on His. Not based on our own power, but based on our obedience to the revelation we currently have, and our desire for more. Constant growth unto a more perfect day. Selah.

In the coming movie, our new Jedi needs a trainer. Let the Holy Spirit be your trainer. Jesus says: Walk with me. God says: Learn my Ways. Holy Spirit says: I will train you.

Now we’re getting somewhere.




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