Beauty out of Ashes.

indian lady (5)Oh Lord, I pray that people’s eyes be opened to see the evil of this world. And I pray that their eyes be opened to see the beauty of your Kingdom, a Kingdom without end.

I pray their understanding be opened to the need of your Covering, and the nakedness of living in rebellion and having no Covering. I pray we seek first your Kingdom and your righteousness, before the great falling away consumes all. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

(If you were starting a church, and you would be accountable to God, what would you do with certain scriptures our modern church seems to ignore? This is my current plight. My two previous articles concern this big question and the struggle within me. So far, no one seems interested in talking about the worldliness of our modern church, a church I have not been comfortable in for a long time now. I am exposing some sacred cows of our modern church, and one I have not touched yet, is tithing. I’ve yet to find anyone who can prove the magic number of 10% is still relevant to a New Testament church. I think this is a money table needing over turned. But before I go there, I sure wish some people would give some feedback on the previous 2 articles. These are sacred cows for sure, and I’m just trying to be totally honest about what God has actually said in our New Covenant with Christ. I’m looking for others courageous enough to go there with me. To go to a place of what “God has actually said.” Nothing more, and nothing less.)

indian lady (3)

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