God Seek / Vision Quest

It has occurred to me maybe I should talk about the spiritual quest before getting into more of the tipi. As I study some of the people who have visited this site, it seems to me they may have little knowledge of a true God Seek. You mean God will actually speak to you, and tell you what to do?

Yes…but he is Spirit, and he speaks to your soul, your spirit. Therefore, if you do not know how to enter the spirit, if all you know is carnal knowledge, you will likely ignore God even though he is speaking.

“Tumble Pigeon Farm”, the Tipi, Grandpa White Feather, “Path of the White Feather”, this web site: “Path Without End”, none of this would be happening if I had not spent time entering the spirit to seek God in a deeper way. The rush of this world interferes with hearing God. Scripture says God is a rewarder of those who “diligently” seek him. It takes time to hear God. If a person does not “care” enough to have the “faith” and “devotion” to seek him, then they aren’t interested in the Kingdom of God, or the God of that Kingdom, anyway.

So we will take some time to share details of the God Seek my wife and I went on. We had nine days and God showed up on the very first night. It was aproximately 17 hours of driving for us to get from Indianapolis Indiana to the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was rather comical how God spoke that first night. We had pulled into a rest stop we knew nothing about. We were well worn and weary. Much to our surprise we were greeted by a 50 foot tall Indian lady named, Dignity, with a sacred blanket, or mantle coming onto her shoulders.

The details of what happened is quite comical, and there is much to be understood concerning this first encounter of our trip. So we will tell this story of the first night on the next blog. For now, check out this incredible statue.

indian lady (1)indian lady (5)

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