A Sacred Place

As I ponder how to start this blog site, I look up from the screen and my eyes just happen to land on the cork bulletin board in front of where I sit. Pinned to this board is an article pertaining to one of the places my wife and I went on our God Seek, that being “The Devil’s Tower”. The title of the article is “A Sacred Place”.

As the title catches my eye I realize this is what my life has become about since returning from our nine day quest.  To prepare a sacred place, not only at my mom and dad’s farm, but also in this web site, “Path Without End”.

This vision started as simply a Grandpa worried about spiritually connecting with his seven grandkids, all boys, ranging in age from 13 to 2. This concern reached a crises point when I realized I did not seem to fit in one of the best churches of our area, and soon found myself without a church. Now I had two great concerns. It was time for a God Seek of major proportions. What was going on?

I came home from this spiritual quest in the Black Hills with a single sentence echoing in my soul: “The Path of the White Feather”.  I had some idea of what it meant, but not sure what I was going to do with it. It was a week or so later, while at work pushing wheel chairs, the vision began exploding in my mind! I could see it! I saw the tipi! (Or a tipi.) I began to laugh as I considered the oddity of this path God was revealing, but I also had to admit it would be great for connecting with my little Indian tribe of boys! I could create a place for them and Grandpa to have special times together!

After the initial excitement wore off I began asking myself other questions. Do I know how to build a tipi? Will mom and dad allow it? Will my wife call me crazy? A very late midlife crises? Am I physically able at 62 to do such a thing mostly alone? What will this cost? (It’s not been cheap.) Can I cut back from working full time, in order to have the time for this? So many questions began bombarding me, but the leading of God did not fade, the vision was real, it was time for Faith Forward Motion (F.F.M.), one step at a time as God would lead.

It will take time to tell this story. My ministry is to my family and to those who may be looking for something different in Christ, a message as simple as Jesus said: Walk with me. I call this being a Godwalker, and Enoch is a biblical example for us.

As I am about to finish this first blog, I want to recommend a page I’m about to start. It is a “Teaching Page”. It will have lessons pertaining to “The Godwalkers”, the Priesthood in Christ, and this false kingship theology so popular today. There are “money tables” needing overturned! This page will be long. It will require a desire to learn if you hope to read the page. If it gets too long I will start a second page, but it is for learning and sharing this VISION of an Enoch people, in love with their Lord, and delighting to walk with him. I hope you will be a dedicated reader of the page. Look for the title of “VISION” in the menu bar to select these teachings.

Now to give you a little more info before I go, because if you’ve read this far I think you’ve earned it, this sacred place I’m building, “TUMBLE PIGEON FARM”, (I’ll explain more on the bird later), is located a couple miles out of Whitestown Indiana. Eventually it will be a place you can actually come, if you would like to.

Also, the name “White Feather”, I adopted of course, because of the words God gave me on the quest. And since this is also about my grandkids, I became “Grandpa White Feather”. (Sometimes Chief White Feather.)

One of the lessons I am teaching my grand children is: “What’s in a name?” And I give them an Indian type name that fits their current events, so to speak. I have one grandson currently holding the name : “Boy Who Falls On Face”. (LOL).

I will leave you with a picture. This is my oldest grandson, Gabriel, looking through the top of the tipi. He currently holds the name “Fire Keeper”, because he has been helping me with the fire place. We are having fun with this!


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