How is it the God who creates no two snow flakes alike, nor any two people alike, can’t seem to create variety in his Church? They all seem to have the same floor plan. A greeter at the door, sing some songs intended to stir emotion, pass the money plate, preach a 30 minute message, and pray for a few brave souls who may come to the altar while everyone else stands by or are dismissed. Then out the door we all go having fulfilled our Christian duty for another week.

But what did Jesus do? Church was not something to be “attended”, but it was “lived” 24-7. How do we get back to what Jesus did? Today we have preachers standing under multi-thousand dollar stage lights promoting the man who did not have a place to lay his head. The man who constantly taught against materialism, and yet we pursue being kings on earth.

I’ll never forget one Sunday morning when the man of God opened the service reminding everyone of the non-materialistic ways of our Lord, and then immediately proceeded to announce next weekend’s Harley Davis ride! One of the most expensive motorcycles on the market! Of which several in the congregation owned! This was as much of an oxymoron as the stage lights he was speaking under!

I don’t mean to be cruel, but it was also in this place of “name tags”, that I was losing my name.  Everyone wore name tags. A Church of eight-hundred or so. Name tag machines were the second greeters, and all regulars were expected to wear them, and promote them to every new comer. Somehow, this did not work for me. A personal defect, I suppose. You be the judge. But I lost my vision, and thereby my name, while wearing those name tags. I became an oxymoron. Perhaps I’m still one. I don’t care. I just want to walk with God like Enoch did.

I’ve said all this simply to say “Path Without End” is meant to add some variety to the body of Christ. My tipi, which is still in progress, is also a House of Prayer Everyday. A house of H.O.P.E.. It is a Church, but we have Church wherever we go. We call our Church: “Fellowship of the White Path”.  Jesus walked the Red Path so we could walk the White. But you don’t have to be on any membership roll other than the “Lamb’s Book of Life” to be a member of our fellowship. Come and go as you please. The body of Christ (the Church) has much to offer. We are simply a little variety added to the mix.

If you hunger for simplicity in an age of the complex, hopefully we can help meet that need. They say if something bothers you enough, then perhaps you are meant to do something about it. This is my attempt to obey God in that very thing. How we got here is a pretty interesting story. I call it: “Journey of the White Feather”. It starts out as a Grandpa needing to spiritually connect with his grand kids, but perhaps it is meant to be so much more. We shall see.