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Poor Neo. Stuck in a box with demonic creatures feeding on him, draining his life energies… and he does not even know. Morpheus offers him truth. He offers a red or a blue pill. One is an escape from the false reality into the REAL. The other pill is simply the lie continued. The draining continued. His ignorance continued. But is ignorance sometimes bliss? Only until… only until reality eventually forces its way in anyway, and now it is too late!

I’m talking about the movie, “The Matrix”, of course. And what does that have to do with this Blog site? A lot actually, for I believe most people have been led into a false reality of who Jesus really is. If Jesus showed up today and preached in the average modern church, they would not throw him off a cliff, but would send him immediately to a Dave Ramsey seminar! No joke folks.

What does Christ offer the true Christian? Who is the REAL Jesus? How have we gotten so far from what Jesus actually said and DID, while asking the question: What would Jesus do? Something is amiss in our modern ways and we seem totally unaware! As we flock to the boxes of our religious experts.

The average Christian has 200 years of missing church knowledge. Instead of that very important knowledge, we have been led into a man-made maze of deception, distractions, false reality, smoke and mirrors. And most people never find there way out of the maze. They die there. Is that good enough? Is that the best we can do?

This blog site started in that maze and found its way out. Those were the early days of this site. My own journey through the maze and the struggles I encountered. Those are the early articles, found deep in the archives, highly recommended reading if you want to know the truth, if you want your Christian eyes open, or even non-christian. Church history is a very interesting subject, and yes, history is repeating.

After finding the real Jesus Christ and beginning to follow him, much has changed and developed in this blog site. We do a combination of Biblical articles, such as the “Learning to Share” series. And we also have an ongoing fiction story, teaching spiritual things called: “Yinney the Sloth who needed to Poo”!

Chapter One of “Yinney” can be found in the archives starting with the date of: 1/20/2019. If you’re using a small screen cell phone, the Archives are likely at bottom of the page.

The story of Yinney has to do with what we call the “Beauty of Slow”. You see, one of the aspects of the real Jesus Christ is, he does not join the rat race of worldly ways, but he flows in a peace passing understanding. This is the REAL Jesus, and perhaps he is not for you, but the Bible predicts a great falling away, and America has already become a Post Christian Nation while under our watch??? So…are my words important? Or to be ignored? Am I a Boy crying wolf? A Don Quixote fighting windmills? A Chicken Little shouting the sky is falling? What say ye, Neo? I have set two pills before you. You choose.

Welcome to “Path Without End” where we question modern ways and ask “What DID Jesus do?”